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Mercyful Fate Discography

Mercyful Fate is a Danish heavy metal band cited among the influences in the black metal, thrash metal, power metal, and progressive metal genres.The band was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1981 from the remaining members of Hank Shermann's band Brats and King Diamond's band Black Rose. In early 1981, they helped Michael Denner with demos for his band Danger Zone. Soon, Shermann, Denner, Diamond, and Denner's bass player Timi "Grabber" Hansen realized their potential as a unit and started performing as Mercyful Fate.

Melissa (1983)

Don't Break the Oath (1984)

The Beginning (1987)

Return of the Vampire (1988)

A Dangerous Meeting (1992)

In the Shadows (1993)

The Bell Witch (1994)

Time (1994)

Into the Unknown (1996)

Dead Again (1998)

9 (1999)

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